• Basket of grapes from the vines of the Castello di Gabiano

Our wines

The Marquises Cattaneo Adorno Giustiniani have been engaged in wine production for at least 4 centuries on an estate that extends over the territory of Gabiano for 260 hectares, of which 22 are vineyards.

The production of wine has a millenary tradition in these lands , as proved by the ancient municipal registers, which confirm the sale of vineyards and grapes since 900 AD.

The Casalese Monferrato or lower Monferrato is a hilly system between 120 and 350 meters above sea level, with some higher elevations (the Castello di Gabiano in Gabiano), and is located in the heart of the temperate belt: the 45th parallel crosses the town of Vignale Monferrato.
The Alps and the sea (respectively about 130 and 90 km) influence the climate of Monferrato and make it optimal for the vine plant.
In fact, the semicircle of mountains offers protection against storms from the North and West, for which the annual rainfall is limited to about 600-700 mm of rain; winters are relatively mild compared to latitude, with lows of a few degrees below zero and, usually, snowfalls are modest.

Gabiano and Rubino di Cantavenna DOC:
The wines of this “small land” differ completely from others produced in other Piedmont areas, even with a similar denomination.

First cause is the typical terroir, which conveys to the palate of who taste them the peculiarity of the land in which the grape has grown. Secondly, the lower sharpness, greater persistence and the higher intensity of fragrances and flavors is dued to the unique position of the hills, benefiting from the winds from the Alps without any barrier.

This is the reason why the castle beholds two DOC which are considered among the oldest and smallest in Italy, the Gabiano Doc and Rubino di Cantavenna.

Gabiano is the name of one of the smallest DOC in Italy, covering today not more than 3 hectares. Made up of Barbera mainly, to which we add a small quantity (5-10%) of Freisa and Grignolino grapes. The specific microclimate and the secular variety selection are the main feature of this wine, where the land where it is produced is still very recognizable.

Already awarded with a gold medal at the Paris Universal Exposition in 1900, Gabiano DOC stands out for its skill to improve with the aging: our cellars boast of bottles of memorable years, such as 1945, 1947, 1959, 1961, 1964, 1971, just to mention the most important ones.

The Rubino di Cantavenna DOC, is the second small doc of the territory, produced with selected grapes in areas very well exposed to the sun, concentrating fragrances and fruity aromas typical of this territory. It is made of Barbera mainly, along with Grignolino and Freisa. The area where it is produced is very limited, exclusively in the territories of Gabiano.